Frequently Asked Questions

About SpeedMeUp

What is SpeedMeUp?

SpeedMeUp is an application aiming at speeding your iPad by blocking ads.

How much does it cost?

SpeedMeUp is totally free.

What does SpeedMeUp block?

SpeedMeUp removes ads by preventing them from being downloaded.

Will SpeedMeUp really make my iPad faster?

Yes, our tests show that web page loading could be 2.5 times faster. On ad-free sites, your iPad will just be as fast as usual.

How could I uninstall SpeedMeUp?

Uninstalling can be done in "Settings" > "WiFi". Click on the blue arrow next to your WiFi Network and set the "HTTP Proxy" to "Off".

Does it block ads inside apps / inside videos / inside music stream?

Yes. However some ads may manage to pass through.

Where can I download it?

You don't need to download anything, just follow setup instructions at

Why can't I download SpeedMeUp in Apple AppStore?

SpeedMeUp is not an iOS application thus doesn't need to be installed on your device.

Why is the service on "beta"?

Despite the fact that we've made several tests to ensure that SpeedMeUp works as expected, we may encounter bugs or unexpected situations. So please be advised that the product is still on "beta" phase and may not be used by people who can't afford some internet outage.

Which warranties are provided regarding SpeedMeUp?

We provide SpeedMeUp as it, without any warranty. Being a SpeedMeUp user implies that you approve the general terms of use and that you are responsible of what you do with SpeedMeUp.

How can such a service be provided for free?

SpeedMeUp is free because still in an experimental state. It should stay free in the future. A premium version may be released requiring a small fee. Stay tuned ! Meanwhile you can help us by sharing the word on Twitter. You may also make a donation.

Setup / Remove

How to get / install / use SpeedMeUp?

Follow the setup instructions at If you have trouble with it, don't hesitate to print the setup or watch it on a different device such as a desktop computer.

How can I test my SpeedMeUp setup?

Go to

How to disable / uninstall SpeedMeUp?

  • On your iPad, go to "Settings"
  • Choose your Wifi network configuration
  • At the very bottom, set "HTTP Proxy" to "Off"
  • You're done!

How do I register with SpeedMeUp?

You don't have to. Just follow the setup instructions and here we go!

Which personal information do I have to provide?


Does SpeedMeUp work with every internet connection?

No. SpeedMeUp can only use WiFi. Since 3G data connection doesn't have a proxy URL setup, it can't be used with SpeedMeUp (for now).

Do I have to set SpeedMeUp up every time I go on Internet?

No. Setup is automatically saved and applies when set. Though, you have to set SpeedMeUp up again if your WiFi network changes.

I already have an ad-blocker. Is SpeedMeUp better?

Yes. SpeedMeUp is faster and more efficient than any other ad-blocker for iPad. For example, it works for all Apps, including Safari and Apps from AppStore. And it doesn't redirect your traffic through a proxy like other ad-blockers.

I already ahve an ad-blocker. Should I remove it first?

Yes. SpeedMeUp can't work if another ad-blocker is set up.

I love SpeedMeUp, how can I help?

You may help us in several ways:
  • spread the word, tell every one you know they should try SpeedMeUp
  • send us a cheerful comment
  • consent a small donation
  • follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  • send us gifts :)

Technical details

Isn't this "proxy" setting going to slow down my web surfing?

No because there is no proxy.

But you ask me to set up a proxy on my iPad?

That's true but your traffic is still sent and received directly.

You're kidding, right?

Go to You will see that your IP address remains the same and that you do not use a proxy, even with SpeedMeUp enabled.

How does it work exactly ?

SpeedMeUp use a special function of iPad/iPhone called proxy autoconfiguration file. This feature aims to select the suitable web proxy for the website you are visiting. It is mainly used in big organisations like companies or universities. The trick is to provide a special crafted autoconfiguration file to "divert" a part of the web traffic to our servers. As you may guess, the part we choose to divert is the part involved into displaying ads.

What does SpeedMeUp change with my iPad / iPhone ?

Without SpeedMeUp, your iPad makes several requests to advertising servers while you are surfing your favourite web sites. Theses ads are annoying, slow down your device and consumes lot of network bandwidth.
When you setup SpeedMeUp, our clever little program manages to divert this "ad traffic" to our servers. These servers are located in several location in Europe and North America to be fast and reliable. They just answer the requests with empty content, this is why we call them "blackhole servers". The result is that no more ads are loaded, your device remains fast.

Does SpeedMeUp inspect / analyze what i do ?

No, SpeedMeUp has only control other traffic that involves advertising. "Normal" traffic remains direct, it doesn't go through our servers. We can't see what you do on the web, and we don't want to !

Does SpeedMeUp collect some data ?

Yes, SpeedMeUp keeps logs of blocked content (ie: ads). It allows us to track down non-ad content which may be blocked and to help our users who face some issues. We keep this logs for 60 days.

What about my personal data ?

We don't have any personal data about our users. We don't ask for name, email or any other informations about you. Our users are not identified at all, we can just see IP addresses and the ads we block for that particular IP. SpeedMeUp is free, easy and totally anonymous. This can be a problem : for example we don't know exactly how many people use the service (yes, we have an approximation !). Another example is that we don't have any easy way to contact our users (to share news etc).

What about HTTPS websites?

SpeedMeUp doesn't deal with HTTPS. So you may see some ads on secured sites.

Which devices does SpeedMeUp support?

SpeedMeUp is designed for iPad by Apple (all versions). However, there's no restriction and feel free to use it with other devices, as soon as it allows the same configuration options.

I already have a proxy, can I use SpeedMeUp?

No. This feature will be available soon. Please vote for it if interested by leaving us a comment.


Can I choose not to block ads on a given wesite or app?

No, the "white list" feature is not available during the beta phase. Don't hesitate to leave us a comment about this.

Does SpeedMeUp block ads in apps and video / music streams?


Possible issues

I setup my iPad with SpeedMeUp but I still see ads, why?

  • Please test your setup on Change your setup if needed.
  • You may see some ads while waiting for our ad-list to be updated. Also, some ads could not be blocked.
  • If ad-blocking doesn't work at all, please leave us a comment.

I can't surf anymore.

Just uninstall SpeedMeUp. If the problem remains then this is an issue with your internet access.

I still receive Spam.

SpeedMeUp doesn't block email spam.

SpeedMeUp is blocking the web site '', how can I allow it?

Please leave us a comment if you feel that SpeedMeUp blocks a non-ad website.

SpeedMeUp does not work with Chrome Browser on iPad/iPhone, what can i do ?

You can't use at the same time SpeedMeUp and the "accelerated" mode of Chrome for IOS. You must uncheck the option named "bandwidth > reduce data usage".

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